Interstellar Extinction calculations

This module contains extinction law functions. See the documentation for individual functions.

specutils.extinction Module

Extinction models.

Classes are callables representing the corresponding extinction function with a fixed R_V. When calling an extinction function multiple times with the same R_V, it will be faster to create a class instance with fixed R_V and use that object to evaluate the extinction. See class documentation for details.


extinction_ccm89(wave, a_v[, r_v]) Cardelli, Clayton, & Mathis (1989) extinction model.
extinction_od94(wave, a_v[, r_v]) O’Donnell (1994) extinction model.
extinction_gcc09(wave, a_v[, r_v]) Gordon, Cartledge, & Clayton (2009) extinction model.
extinction_f99(wave, a_v[, r_v]) Fitzpatrick (1999) extinction model.
extinction_fm07(wave, a_v) Fitzpatrick & Massa (2007) extinction model for R_V = 3.1.
extinction_wd01(wave, a_v[, r_v]) Weingartner and Draine (2001) extinction model.
extinction_d03(wave, a_v[, r_v]) Draine (2003) extinction model.
extinction(wave, a_v[, r_v, model]) Generic interface for all extinction model functions.
reddening(wave, a_v[, r_v, model]) Inverse of flux transmission fraction at given wavelength(s).


ExtinctionF99(a_v[, r_v]) Fitzpatrick (1999) extinction model with fixed R_V.
ExtinctionD03(a_v, r_v) Draine (2003) extinction model with fixed R_V.
ExtinctionWD01(a_v, r_v) Weingartner and Draine (2001) extinction model with fixed R_V.